As a sociologist, Dr. Miller has expertise in evaluation research and social policy, graduating from Kent State University in 1981. In 1980 she established KeyStone Research Corporation (KSRC), and served as its President since its inception through the end of 2010. As well, between 1978-1999, she was a professor of sociology at Villa Maria College and Gannon University and, in 1995-1997, she held the position of Associate Provost at Gannon University. In that capacity, she worked on developing a system of learning outcomes assessment for the university. (Click here for curriculum vitae)

As the President and founder of KSRC as well as Principal Investigator, she has many years of experience in developing, implementing and evaluating social service systems. Her experience in applied social science and evaluation research is extensive, with research in the areas of: child care (quality of care and workforce issues); aging (health care and other social service needs); health care delivery systems (geriatric health centers, managed care organizations and geriatric health care); educational reform (sex equity programs, nutrition education programs, early childhood education, school readiness); juvenile justice (aftercare programs for juvenile delinquents; prevention programming); organizational assessments (standards-based assessment tools; customer satisfaction surveys; feasibility studies; needs assessments; focus groups).

Her organizational development consultancy work (e.g., the design, implementation, and management of programs), includes the design, implementation, and administration of (1) PA Pathways: Professional Development for Child Caregivers, a program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare; and (2) the PA Department of Health Research & Information Clearinghouse, a program funded the PA Department of Health. In addition, she has developed, with colleagues, an innovative approach to helping service organizations improve their performance through a lean transformation. This application of lean to the service sector is articulated in Improving Performance in Service Organizations, Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011.

Throughout her career, Dr. Miller has recognized the importance of evaluation processes and continuous quality improvement, particularly as it relates to helping organizations and programs build their own capacity to evaluate what they are doing, learn what works and what doesn't work, and establish systems of accountability. She recognizes the importance of enabling organizations to evaluate continuously what they are doing and to make informed decisions about policy and/or programmatic efforts based on data and systematic analysis.

With her wide-ranging experience, Dr. Miller has a valuable perspective that she brings to her work with organizations. She has direct experience in academia, in business through her private research and consulting practice, and in government and social service organizations through KSRC’s projects that have included research, program management, or process improvement consulting.